This month sees award winning independent film company Yellow Fever Productions, based in Belfast, celebrate the release of its 5th feature film – SPLASH AREA which premiered at the 4th annual Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival. One person in attendance was prolific US director Albert Pyun (Captain America, Cyborg, Nemesis) who described the film as “Relentlessly fun and surprisingly tense. Outstanding performances and imaginative direction make Splash Area unique and exceptional”

Yellow Fever Productions was set up in 2007 by award winning director George Clarke, with an aim of giving those without degree’s the chance to kickstart their CV and break Catch 22, by giving experience to gain experience in the industry.

His first film was BATTLE OF THE BONE – an absurd take on July 12th with a mix of zombies and kung fu, that quickly became the most media covered film ever made in NI. (Scroll down for trailers and related video materials).

After that came THE KNACKERY, a follow up action flick with more martial arts and gore with George Clarke in a starring role as well as director and numerous other titles.

Both films went on to have lengthy runs in the Odyssey and Dublin Road cinema’s, as well as stealing the show at the 11,000 strong Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando.

Returning to the Freak Show for a third year with a film of a different pace, George’s 2011 horror THE LAST LIGHT scared audiences witless and saw its lead star Robert Render take home the award for Best Actor, created by Jeepers Creepers FX artist Barry Anderson. This was their second Freak Show award, with Battle Of The Bone picking up the Audience Choice in 2008.

2012 see’s the release of their latest gore fest -SPLASH AREA – which takes them back to Orlando for Halloween, and features the music and songs of Loon Attic, a popular Spanish singer/songwriter and lead songster of Spain’s Gay Pride.

The feature films, all made with no budget – have quickly gained a cult following world wide, and have screened on Sky as well as hitting the shop shelves on DVD. And its not only the feature films that have people talking…

In October 2010, George posted a Youtube video called CHAPLINS TIME TRAVELLER that gained him over 4 million hits in just 2 days, and saw him appear on almost every news, chat show, and entertainment program across the globe, including Jay Leno, CNN, Sky, and even a soft porn magazine in Japan. The video is still going strong, and this month see’s George release a series of follow up video’s that will keep the mystery going.

2013 is looking strong for Yellow Fever Productions as the team are set to work on their first real life drama, BILLY, and kick some ass in NI’s biggest action flick to date THE FIRST MISSION, which see’s George return in front of the camera, and fight choreography courtesy of Jackie Chan Stunt Team member, Andy Cheng (Rush Hour and Twilight trilogies). Obviously the aim is to try and squeeze in another horror also, which may see a return to the zombie genre for the team – but with a twist.

The 3rd feature from Belfast writer/director George Clarke – THE LAST LIGHT – has been played to the crowds from Belfast to Orlando, and receiving nothing but positive reviews from critics and fans alike!

The Last Light is the violently haunting tale of a (real) Ulster mansion, donated as a war hospital in the early 1900’s before turning into a retirement home for the old and wealthy. Even as a listed building, the house was left to waste, and soon became a playground for kids who destroyed the original features of the place, upsetting not just the local people and historians, but something deep within the walls…

Local handy man Rob Walker is hired to brick up and block all entrances and windows of the place, but on his last night, gets the feeling he’s not alone!

Is it the kids – or is it a little bit of history that doesn’t want to be sealed off forever? Why not get this in time for a Halloween screening? Do you dare?

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