GaGa Ooh La La

Lady GaGa

Another news report has emerged this week about Lady Gaga and the damage she is doing to children’s sexuality. The latest accuser is Linda Harvey, a US Radio pundit, who believes Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is leading children to a ‘self-destructive path’ by ‘embracing homosexuality.’ Well Linda Harvey, I think someone needs to quietly correct you on one minor issue.SEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE.

Lady Gaga is not influencing children’s sexuality, and she is not manipulating their desires. She is simply saying that gay is okay and it seems this is Linda Harvey’s real issue. She is clearly one of the few remaining homophobes who have failed to evolve with society.

So Linda, I just have a quick question for you: When did you decide to become straight? … Sorry, what was that? You say you didn’t decide, you just knew. Well guess what, so did we! I did not consciously choose to become a lesbian, I just am. No one, as yet, knows why some people are attracted to the same sex, but perhaps it is just a genetic difference like left handedness. Wouldn’t it be awful if we tried to make all left handed people write with their right hand because it wasn’t ‘normal.’ Oh hang on, we did …. before we evolved! Homosexuality is not a new phenomenon. It spans our human history.

Some people in every generation will grow up to be homosexual and some people in every generation will grow up to be left handed. Both are natural, but one still provokes cries of disgust from a handful of narrow minded bigots.

Thankfully times are changing, in part, to people like Lady Gaga who preach a message of tolerance, acceptance and love. She has over 28 million Twitter followers and it is wonderful that we have such a great ambassador fighting our corner. How great that children are told it’s okay to be gay. They can be true to themselves and live the life they were born to live. I wish I was a teenager again. It would have saved me, and my poor unsuspecting boyfriends, an awful lot of heartache!

I am sorry Linda Harvey, but homosexuality is natural. The only thing that is morally incorrect is your outdated homophobia.

by Chris McMurray