We have all seen or should have seen the fantastic first performance on this year’s X factor from Lucy Spraggan. She sang her own song “Last Night”, which was totally original and intelligently written. The success that Lucy experienced from that performance seen her rise to no.5 in the UK singles charts before the x factor bosses asked her to remove the song from I tunes as there was concern that her song would pip recent winners Little Mix top the singles top spot.

However there seems to be something Lucy enjoys doing just as much as singing, helping people come to terms with their sexuality has come as an unexpected side effect of her newfound fame. Lucy recalls receiving letters and talking to fans who were able to raise the issue of their sexuality at home when they recognised how accepting their friends and family were to Lucy’s openness about her sexuality.

Already a keen supporter of the pride movement, Lucy also already played at several pride events including Manchester Pride in August. She said in an interview with The Sun “For me, to have helped someone come out is the biggest compliment ever.” She also said: “It’s the 21st Century, and if someone doesn’t like the fact that I’m gay then I don’t want them to listen to my music. Anyone who is prejudice or homophobic or racist has got something not right in their brain. ” “You can’t just not like someone because of something like that.”

There are some notable challengers in this years show. None least than Ella Henderson, a 16 year old singer songwriter. She wowed the whole country as she performed one of her own songs in the initial auditions beautifully. She also captured the heart of a nation taking one of the most recognisable and best known diva songs and completely turning it on its head. Cher’s believe can be seen of you tube and has no less than 3 million views already now before any Cher fans have a fit it was a stunning performance with some even claiming that Ella’s version was the way it should have been all along. We will be keeping an eye on the competition this year so don’t forget to join in the conversations and your support your favourites by getting in touch.

By Dawn Prior