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The 2012 Dublin and Belfast marathons last year recorded yet another successful year with over 35,000 participants competing in their respective events. Not only is this a brilliant way to raise money and awareness of charities, but also to make, fight and defeat personal challenges along the way.

So here it is The Gay Say challenges YOU to challenge yourself!

Below is a list of some well known marathons and dates they commence in 2013. We challenge you to complete one of the events in a marathon (full, half, 5mile, 10 mile or relay) raise some money for a charity close to your heart and best of all improve your fitness and give yourself a challenge.

Virgin London Marathon – 21 April 2013
Belfast Marathon – 6 May 2013
Larne Half Marathon – 23 March 2013
Omagh Half Marathon – 30 March 2013
Newry City Half Marathon – TBC June 2013
Newtownards Half Marathon – TBC June 2013
Cookstown Half Marathon – TBC July 2013

Getting Started

Before hitting the treadmill/pavement in your nice new pumps it is extremely important to sit down and figure out what your aims/goals are. A great way to do this is to Be S.M.A.R.T

S – Specific = Your goal should be specific, to run ‘5 miles’ or to ‘complete a half marathon’
M – Measurable = You going to need to be able to measure your progress. The best way to do this
is to document your activity using an ‘exercise diary’. Simply record your distance and time each
time you train and this will show you the improvements in your level of fitness.
A – Adjustable = If for example you pick up an injury for 3-4 weeks of the programme you would
then have to consider reducing your goal, say from a full marathon to a half or a half to 10 miles.
R – Realistic = Probably the most important. Due to the 5-8 month time scale that you have to get
ready, if you have the physique of Homer Simpson your unlikely to complete a full marathon with
this time. You want to complete at all cost you can always do a full marathon in 2014 if you keep at
T – Time = This programme should be between 5 – 8 months so therefore already ticks the box.

Time limits will also allow you to see your target/goal and how close or far you are to it.

Now that you have your goals laid out you can begin to initiate your training regime. It is advised that you take a month before to condition yourself, this consists of a 30 minute run 4 times a week, if this is too much for you then simply cut it to 15 – 20 and build it up.

By the time the conditioning period is up you should look back over your main goal and ask ‘is it still achievable? If not why? If it is too hard just make it a little easier. Too easy? Increase the distance or the time you will complete it in.

The Programme

Week 1 & 2 – Target WEEKLY Distance 1-5 miles
Week 3 &4 – Target WEEKLY Distance 3 -8 miles
Week 5 to 9 – Target WEEKLY Distance 10-12 miles
Week 10 to 12 – Target WEEKLY Distance 13 – 16 miles
Week 13 to 16 – Target WEEKLY Distance 18 – 25 miles

The weekly programme should consist of 2-3 sessions of 100% running and another 1-2 sessions of running and some walking to get your body used to running regularly. Try your best to avoid missing any sessions as you will relay on the continuity.

Please note this programme is tailored for a beginner and each individual is different and some may exceed these distances easily or vice versa. If you would like some more information or advice about this please contact us. We would also love to hear from anyone taking up the challenge and hear your training stories and progress.