Some useful words to help when communicating with the locals in the North of Ireland (scroll down for video):

Amptinat? – I most definitely am not.

Beg -Wafer thin plastic vessel, good for carrying “messages” (shopping) also ‘oul beg’ when referring to an elderly lady.

Cheeser – A big smiling face.

Descent spud – A respectable gentleman.

Eff Aaf – Politely asking someone to “F**k Off.

Fingy – An object or person whose name you can’t remember, also “fingy ma jig” when trying to come up with an answer or reply.

Getawaytafuk! – No way

Heerbeezme – “And then I said…”

Indeeyee – Interested in you sexually

Jump in! – (While pulling down your bottom eyelid) – Do you think I am an idiot?

Kracker – Absolutely fantastic

Laidindeeyit – Begin at once. Often used whilst eating a meal. Becomes “wiredintillit” when used to encourage/prompt drinking.

Majassif – Extremely large.

Ni Yer Suckin’ Deezel – That sure is a good way of going about that.

Offees – A place where alcohol is traded for money.

Passion – Raining heavily in Ballymena

Quare – A definitive expression (see below for example)

Ride – “Yer man’s a quare ride” that man is very sexy

Scundered – Dual meaning. In Belfast this means embarrassed e.g I was “scundered to a hunderd” means “I was terribly embarrassed.” To culchies (people who live near open green space) this word can also be used to mean exhausted.

Theee Leet – 3 litre bottle of cider

Undies – Underpants

Vaka -Vodka

Windie Still -A window sill

X-Acktlee -Exactly

Yer bums’a’plum – I don’t believe you.

Z – Verbally communicated