MYNT Nightclub Belfast

MYNT Nightclub Belfast

A 27-year-old man who attacked a gay man in the toilets of Mynt Nightclub a gay venue in Belfast, calling him a “gay bastard”, has been sent to prison for 1 year and ordered by Judge Gordon Kerr QC to spend a further 3 years on a supervised licence to ‘protect the public’.

The victim, Mark Saunders, had been in a toilet cubicle when he overheard McIntyre and another individual talking about gay men in a negative way.

Upon challenging them about it, McIntyre’s friend confronted Mr Saunders, calling him a “gay bastard.”

Mr Saunders cannot remember what happened next, but his lawyer told the court as a result of either a blow or a push, two teeth were knocked out and he fell to the ground cutting the back of his head, with the gash needing seven staples.

In jailing McIntyre, Judge Kerr revealed he had only been released from prison for a previous violent offence just five days before the incident, commenting that he had “an appalling record.”