Misty Falls - What's the T?

Misty Falls – What’s the T?

Hey Everyone, welcome to another month of “What’s The T?” First let me apologies for not having an article last month, I was extremely busy between work and competition prep, and the hard work must’ve paid off because I came First. All bizz with myself so I was.

On to this month and our PRIDE SPECIAL here at @TheGaySay and because of this I’m drafting in the heavy guns, another 8 Drag Queen special guest contributions with the article, familiar faces from about the Belfast Gay Scene and my bestest squirrel friend as well.

So I thought to myself before starting this month, ‘Misty, you’ve already done 2 articles previously about Pride, the N.I. Pride recap last October and Pride Fashions in April, what more can you do about Pride?’ Thinking of more things to do with Pride was easy but I wanted something that I’ve never though of before and then it hit me, I always share my views with you but what would happen if I got my fellow Queens to give their views as well. So I hit up the girls via Facebook and asked them: “What does Belfast Pride mean to you?” As well all differ in age and background it was great to read what all the other Queens have experienced and also how they see the day.
So to start things of, What Pride means to Misty: Pride to me has and will always be a celebration of who we are and what we have achieved, it is the one time a year that we can come together as a community and celebrate fully what it is to be a member of the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland. Plus we have some of the best Queens, best bars and best Craic, so it can’t be that bad now. It’s also a day to get decked up in all our finery and strut the streets like the proud DIVAS that we are, A day in which nobody, nowhere can bring us down and where anyone that you see has that extra spring in their step. Not only this but in my 5 years of being out, being a Queen and parading the involvement of not only the LGBT+ community but the community at large (bar those wee cretins at City Hall) have embraced the Pride celebrations with all its colour and fabulousness. I, for one, cannot wait for Saturday July 6th to parade with my brothers and sisters through the streets of Belfast and show the world that we are here and they best be accepting it. My motto for the day will be coming for the ever fab Latrice Royale: “Get up, Look Sickening and Make them EAT IT!” Come say high to me on parade day if you are out and about, I promise I don’t bit, until then keep it fierce.
– Misty Xx
Sassie Longshaft 

What I really love is the excitement of the night before ‘it’s like Christmas’, but instead of waiting for Santa I’m waiting for a day of “gayness” to explode.. Then the day comes round and its brilliant from the people watching to other people taking part in the parade. The reception you get from the public is fabulous cheering and clapping it makes you feel that we have came a long way since the dark days without the rainbow’ and that we are getting somewhere as far as equality goes!! That’s what I love about Pride!! Now let’s be Loud Proud and Queer!!

Rusty Hinges

I love Belfast Pride as it’s the only day where you don’t see “red, white and blue” or “green, white and orange”, you see all the colours of the community come together!! It’s always so nice to see so many smiling faces, and to see so many people supporting our gay community! I think you should always be proud of who and what you are!!

Trudy Scrumptious

I always love Pride and all of its celebrations! I think it’s important to remember all year round that it’s easy to feel ashamed or isolated when you are gay but that’s why it’s called PRIDE!! Every gay person should be proud of who they are and equality of life they are entitled to!! Have great Pride everyday!!

Wee Hannah Crush

I wish every day was negro day!!…. Oh wait, wrong one. I wish every day was gay day! Lol

Alexia Falls

All gay people go through that transition of isolation until they feel comfortable with the people and/or community they’re in. Then everyday is definitely a Pride day because you’ve cut the ties with self searching for identity and you’ve established the best you can be, whether you’re still growing as a person or fully found your identity. No one should have to hide who and what they are! –

Tina Leggs Tantrum

For me it’s entirely different, I’ve always been proud, very proud, many brought up to be even prouder, PRIDE to me is about our community opening our arms and our hearts to the world, and telling them “Look at us now, we are stronger than yesterday, walk with us and together we will be stronger, tomorrow and forever.” Celebrating my love with my chosen family is PRIDE to me, my girls, my dancers, my bosses, my enemies, my audiences, the look in each others eyes and saying “Happy Pride” and it’s a beautiful saying, so all in all my love for PRIDE is growth strength and community .

Lady Peaches Monroe

Pride’s a chance for people who may be ignorant to the challenges our community faces everyday to come into our fabulous world and celebrate every colour of the rainbow with us. For a day we can all forget about prejudice and just bask in the fabulousness. Strength and courage people before have shown in order for us to have the freedom and liberation we have today and in a way it gives us a chance to broaden peoples horizons and opinions for the next generation. It’s a fierce day with a fabulous meaning and for a great cause and I love being a part of it.

Fefe Geisha

I feel Pride is about celebrating who we are no matter gay, bi, trans or straight. It’s a day to come together as a whole family, to be proud of what we have all achieved together. Yes the road for our community has been tough and we are all still fighting out for our equalities to this day. Pride is a time to celebrate, let our hair down and just come together as one.