electreeThe Electree is an innovative design by Vivien Muller of France. It allows mobile devices such as iphones to be recharged using only solar energy and has has been designed to look like a bonsai tree in the picture but is delivered in modules allowing innumerable ways to customise your own design to create a unique and decorative sculpture.

The ability to customise is also useful because it allows you to place the twenty-seven individual energy cells/panels in optimal positions in order to soak up as much natural light in the designated area as possible.

The 27 solar panels installed at the tip of the branches capture the solar energy which is then stored in the 2500 mAh battery (an iPhone holds a 1500mAH battery) located under the panel of the bonsaÏ.

Once charged, this accumulator feeds a USB port.

Visit http://vivien-muller.fr/electree/ – for further information.