An LGBT fans group of Charlton Athletic were attacked at the weekend shortly before Saturday’s game against Brighton and Hove Albion (BHAFC).

The Charlton Rainbows group suffered the attack after being lured into a “gay friendly” meeting with another fake fan group of a similar nature.

Charlton Rainbows describe themselves as ‘a Charlton Athletic supporters group made up of Bi, Gay, Lesbian and Trans Gender fans who are standing up to homophobia’ and are based in South East London.


‘Disgusting what is wrong with people – hope you are all ok,’ said Jamie Thomas.

‘That’s vile. *All* genuine football fans are sickened by this sort of thing,’ tweeted Liquid Spurs.

‘Once again, thank you for your continued support. This matter is being dealt with through the correct channels. #StandingTogetherStronger.’

The Metropolitan Police confirmed it has received a report about the attack and is investigating the incident, alongside Sussex Police.