Two straight radio presenters in Luton encountered shocking homophobia when they walked the streets holding hands.

BBC Three Counties DJ Iain Lee and fellow presenter Justin Dealy have spoke of their “disappointment” at the reaction to their social experiment which involved holding hands as they took a stroll through Luton in London.

Lee decided to conduct the experiment when he was told by a radio caller told how he was used to being insulted by strangers who were offended by him holding hands with his boyfriend in public…not kissing, smooching or cuddling…just holding hands.

“For one day only – meet my boyfriend. We’re going to take a walk through Luton holding hands, and see if anything happens.” Lee told his listeners.

After just ten minutes walking around the town, the pair recieve a number of dirty looks and comments. When they challenge a man on his reaction, he calls the pair “disgusting”. This from a guy walking through town with his hands in his underwear.

Another woman says: “I don’t like it in my face, to be honest”.