In a recent article titled “Are You Aware of the Avalanche of Gay Programming Assaulting Your Home?” by Pastor and cultural commentator Larry Tomzac, Ellen DeGeneres faced some scrutiny about her message to young people.

In the article Larry lists numerous ways in which Larry believes homosexuality is being promoted by Hollywood. His examples are hilarious and as Ellen mentions in her video – “Mr Tomzac seems to watch alot of Gay TV”.

Here is an excerpt from his article featuring his evidence for the promotion of homosexuality:

– Super hyped “Empire” series starts with Oscar nominee Terrence Howard having a homosexual son – and he’s a hunk. (Larry sure does appreciate the male form)

– “Glee” features over five gay characters. (Notice how he has examined the show extensively and counted)

– Home and remodeling reality shows regularly feature lesbians and gays in partnerships exploring homes. (Oh he sure loves his interior design shows, fabulous)

– “Modern Family” features a gay couple who married over two episodes recently. (He seems a little pissed he had to wait an entire week for the conclusion)

– “Ellen DeGeneres” celebrates her lesbianism and “marriage” in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls. (Her video response is epic)

– “Dancing with the Stars” hosts a gay judge and gay couples. (We sure do love to boogie as much as everyone else Larry, perhaps he’s envious he was born with two left feet)

– “Biggest Loser” had lesbian Jillian Michaels as a role model coach. (Mr Tomzac is surely a contender for biggest loser)

– “The Good Wife” now has a lesbian/bisexual investigator. (Yes Larry, you may be surprised to know we aren’t all allocated “gay jobs” nor do we adopt flamboyant or butch stereotypes)

– “Scandal” has two gays. (One word, scandulous, surely there should be more)

– “2 1/2 Men” just added a lesbian daughter. (1 and 1/2 men more and maybe there would be a gay couple)

– “Grey’s Anatomy” highlights a lesbian couple with their child. (I sure do wonder how they are highlighted, maybe his obsession with homosexuality has simply made him take more notice)

– “Survivor” and other reality shows regularly parade homosexuals as contestants. (We sure do love a good parade)

– Anderson Cooper boasts openly on TV he’d rather “have sex” with a man plus co-hosts New Year’s Eve festivities nationwide. (As a gay man it’d be rather strange to state he’d like to have sex with a woman and maybe Larry was expecting Mr Cooper to somehow make it his New Year’s to deny his identity and pretend to be someone he isn’t)

Ellen has addressed her critic head-on.