Marjorie Silva, owner Denver’s Azucar Bakery has told OUTFRONT that she was approached by an anti-gay activist at her bakery in March last year. The man had initially requested a cake with a bible decorated on the front but after chosing his design he presented Marjorie with a sheet of paper which listed the text he also wanted printed.

“He wanted us to write God hates …” she trails. “Just really radical stuff against gays.”

“He wouldn’t allow me to make a copy of the message, but it was really hateful,” Marjorie adds. “I remember the words detestable, disgrace, homosexuality, and sinners.”

“We make [Christian-themed] cakes all the time… no problem at all” but this one was obviously a step too far.

“I told him that I would bake the cake in the shape of a Bible,” says Marjorie. “Then I told him I’d sell him a [decorating] bag with the right tip and the right icing so he could write those things himself.” She adds that naturally the cake wouldn’t have her handwriting expertise, but she would be devastated to release a cake via the bakery with such a hateful message fashioned by her own hands.

“He told me I needed to talk to my attorney about this,” Marjorie continued.

The bakery later received a letter from the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), informing them that the man had filed a ‘religious discrimination’ complaint.

DORA has requested a final letter from Marjorie. She says they’ll make a decision 30 days from receipt and adds that they’ve been incredibly helpful and kind throughout the process.

Ms Silva is still waiting to file a response to the complaint.

However uncomfortable the request made the pair, both maintain that the man was never refused service.