A South Tyrone election candidate has spoke of her desire to re-criminalise homosexuality in the face of what she has called a “dangerous homosexual agenda”.

Susan Anne White told the Belfast Telegraph that she believes her views only seem extreme in modern culture because of a shift away from “God’s principles.”

The devout christian, from Trillick in Co Tyrone, is one of nine candidates standing in West Tyrone on May 7.

The devout Christian is “absolutely opposed to the homosexual agenda” and stated: “If I had the power, I would certainly re-criminalise homosexuality, along with adultery. I would stop the funding of gay pride parades and other depraved art and cultural events.”

Despite her strong views, Mrs White told the newspaper that she considers herself a “true friend” to the gay community.

“I tell them the truth,” she added. “The person who is not a friend, the person who is the enemy to the homosexual is the person who pats them on the back and says their lifestyle is perfectly normal and acceptable.”

She admits it will take a miracle to top the poll, adding: “I believe in a God who can work miracles but, realistically speaking, I don’t think I will win.

The outgoing Sinn Fein MP, Pat Doherty, has a comfortable 10,000-plus majority.

Last May, Mrs White stood for the new Fermanagh and Omagh Council, receiving just 67 first preference votes.