Controversial journalist Carole Malone has recently expressed her concern over whether the NHS services should cater to transgender children as young as three. In her latest article with ‘Mirror Online’ the sixty year old , when talking about the average three-year old, asked, “How on earth would he know he’s been born in the wrong body? And how would such a young child be able to express that kind of emotion?”

Carole argued that children of such a young age are incapable of making serious, life altering decisions, saying she believes it’s nonsense before asking if children are influenced by others such as their transgender parents or parents who wanted a boy or girl and are subconsciously projecting this onto their child. Later in her rant, she asked whether the parents are idiots and are coming to an extreme conclusion over something their child may have done. With gender issues drastically increasing in recent years, especially in adolescents, Carole defended her opinion saying, “It all sounds like PC nonsense to me.”

Trying to lessen the blow of her article by saying “I’m no expert,” the journalist and former reality star went on to say that she refuses to believe any three-year old is tormented by their sexuality and expressed her concerns on children in a transgender monitoring system, saying children might not be able/allowed to think independently.

Giving examples of how indecisive children are, including examples such as dinner and future careers, Carole made her point clear saying, “kids change – how they think, how they feel, how they react to things. And if they’re being monitored and treated for transgender in an environment where they are constantly told that is the norm – then they might continue to live that life so as not to let people down or disappoint them.”

Mentioning the NHS’s money spending decisions, Carole Malone then went on to explain that the health service is ‘cash-strapped’ and refuses to spend money-saving people’s lives with problems such as cancer even though there are special clinics open to children who may or may not become transgender. Causing a backlash on social media site Twitter, many were left outraged and offended and contacted the journalist calling her ‘disgusting’, and some saying she doesn’t ‘understand the fundamental flaws in her argument’. Carole remained unapologetic, retaliating by calling people ‘idiots’.

Despite outrage online, and many people arguing against her opinion, an on-line poll was taken asking the public ‘Should the NHS treat transgender children’ with 70% voting ‘No’.

– Christopher Megrath