DUP leader Peter Robinson has caused an uproar yet again for his views regarding homosexuality being criminalised again.

The comments arose after being questioned on BBC’s The View after recent comments made by councillor Paul McLean to the Irish News, another member of the Democratic Unionist Party, which he was quoted as saying, “Homosexuality should not be legal.”

Without hesitation, Peter Robinson instantly came to defence of the councillor by saying that he is entitled to his own opinion, prompting the interviewer to ask if this is in line with DUP policy.

“That is not our policy. In terms of individuals and their sexual orientation it is a matter entirely for themselves.”

“Although there is a councillor in Magherafelt who disagrees with that.”

“It is not my role or any politician to peer through the bedroom and tell them what they should or should not be doing.”

After a small debate, the First Minister was asked if Paul McLean was going to be punished due to his extremely offensive language to which Peter Robinson replied in a casual tone, almost as if this was a ridiculous question to ask, “He’s entitled to his views, you’re entitled to your views.”

Shocked, the host emphasizes that the councillor wants to ‘throw gays into prison’ and make homosexuality illegal, to which the DUP leader controversially ended with,  ” I would hope that if it was illegal people would obey the law.” When asked if that means he’d like people to stop being homosexual if it becomes illegal, he said: “I do, I do believe that people should obey the law.”