In a vote tonight (6th June) The Newry, Mourne and Down super council has voted to support a motion calling for marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

Support for the motion will see yet another of Northern Ireland’s councils show their support for marriage equality. The Yes outcome will now see the council call upon the  Northern Ireland Executive to introduce legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Alliance councillor Patrick Brown tabled the motion back in June and it was seconded by Independent Newry councillor Kevin McAteer.

Councillor Brown, who attended the Marriage Equality Rally in Belfast with members of the Alliance Party last month said the the motion presented the new Council with an opportunity to lead progressive change in Northern Ireland.

Marriage Equality March and Rally - Belfast City Centre (June 2015)

Marriage Equality March and Rally – Belfast City Centre (June 2015)

He said: “Adults in a loving relationship should have full access to the institution of marriage. Anything else is discrimination, and I want to live in a shared Northern Ireland led by principles of tolerance and respect.

“The failure of Stormont to deliver leadership on this issue means that the eleven new super councils have both an opportunity and a duty to champion equal civil marriage at the local level”.

Councillor Kevin McAteer also speaking at the rally in Belfast last month, had said that he was very impressed at the thousands who had turned up to support equal marriage rights and added: “I hope this level of support continues to grow for this cause and that it reaches the Councils and the Assembly.

“I am looking forward to debating this issue in the chamber of Newry Mourne and Down District Council on the 6 July.”

The Yes Vote marks another small victory for equality. It’s great to see the councils in Northern Ireland come to the fore one by one to show the DUP there is an evident majority in Northern Ireland supporting equal marriage.