The DUP are having their annual conference at the Le Mon Hotel this Saturday. Fight4Equality are encouraging as many people as possible to protest the event.


The Democratic Unionist Party has a long history of opposing LGBT rights and has recently used a petition of concern to block a majority vote (50.5%) in favour of marriage equality.
The Stormont vote was finally representative of a string of recent opinion polls which showed a majority of people in favour of equality in civil marriage.
A jointly commissioned survey by BBC Northern Ireland and RTÉ revealed 67% of people in Northern Ireland would be “very or fairly comfortable” with a member of their family marrying someone of the same gender.
“Fight4Equality: Unite against sexism, homophobia and all bigotry” is a campaign initiated by Socialist Youth for everyone who wants to unite against sexism, homophobia and all bigotry in Northern Ireland.
In an online statement the groups organisers urged people to take action and attend the event.
“By protesting and putting pressure on politicians we have forced other politicians to vote for marriage equality, including those who voted against LGBT rights previously. We now have to step up the pressure to ensure marriage equality is won!
Please come along, bring your friends and family. Placards, banners, or flags which are perceived to be sectarian are not welcome at the protest.
*If you are driving to the protest and can offer lifts, can you please post on the event page with how many people you can take and where you’re coming from*”


Saturday 21st November at 11:30am


La Mon Hotel & Country Club
41 Gransha Road, Castlereagh, BT23 5RF Belfast, United Kingdom


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