The Fight4Equality campaign has announced that it will protest at the start of the DUP’s party conference this Saturday, from 11.30am outside the La Mon Hotel.

Campaign spokesperson Courtney Robinson said:
“On 2nd November, the DUP misused a petition of concern to block marriage equality, despite a majority of MLAs finally voting in favour and polls showing up to 68% support for same-sex marriage rights. It seems the DUP is democratic in name only.”
“Undoubtedly, protest and public pressure were key to winning a majority for marriage equality in the Assembly. For example, Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn previously voted against and abstained on equal marriage but voted in favour in the latest debate. Politicians can and should be made to fear that opposing LGBT rights will lose them votes.”
“The DUP are not alone in opposing equal marriage. In the latest debate, Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy voted against while the SDLP’s homophobic North Belfast representative Alban Maginness refused to show up. While recognising that those opposing equality are “on the wrong side of history”, UUP leader Mike Nesbitt failed to vote in favour.”
“The DUP’s undemocratic manoeuvres, however, are now the main barrier to winning marriage equality at Stormont. The fate of Jim Wells – who was forced to resign as Health Minister after making homophobic comments – is a warning to the DUP that ordinary people, including many of their voters, are sick of homophobia and want to live in a society free of discrimination.”
Organisers have asked that those taking part in the protest do not use symbols or slogans which could be perceived as sectarian or divisive.