A BBC Northern Ireland reporter has been officially suspended by the BBC pending an investigation into his public criticism of the broadcaster’s decision to nominate homophobic world champion boxer Tyson Fury for its annual ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ Award.

It is completely unacceptable that a member of staff at the BBC has been reprimanded for highlighting a gross error of judgment by the BBC. 

The petition reads:

“Over a hundred thousand people have already signed a Change.org petition calling for Fury’s removal from the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist over his previous sexist and homophobic remarks, which have included comparing homosexuality to paedophilia.

The boxer has since called those who’ve signed the petition “50,000 w*nkers”, and told them they can “suck [his] balls”, meanwhile the BBC have been repeatedly defended the decision to nominate the recently-crowned heavyweight champion of the world.

Is this the sort of person that we want the BBC to honour, whilst suspending someone for taking a moral stand?

We want Andy West brought back by the BBC! By doing so, this makes the message clear that any form of discrimination is not acceptable and that we all have a duty to combat it.”

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