Peter Tatchell has voiced his support for the petition to end the veto on marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

Speaking to The Gay Say last night, the human rights campaigner and Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation said:

“Congratulations on this magnificent petition.

“It reflects and reinforces the two-thirds northern Irish public support for same-sex marriage.

“By ignoring the majority will and blocking the right of LGBT couples to marry, the DUP is subverting democracy.

“The time has come for the DUP to end its four decades of opposition to LGBT equality.”

Mr Tatchell has been an outspoken critic of the DUP and the abuse of the Petition of Concern mechanism. Speaking to The Gay Say in February 2016, Mr Tatchell said:

“The DUP is going against the basic democratic principle that everyone should be equal before the law. The Petition of Concern is bring abused by the DUP to block equality. It was never intended to be used to block equal gay civil rights.”

Kevin Patrick O’Neil, the founder of, the huge anti-homophobia site, also spoke to The Gay Say ahead of the presentation of the end the veto petition on Tuesday. Kevin said:

“Northern Ireland is now the last bastion of homophobia in the United Kingdom, hopefully the powers that be will let ALL of their fellow citizens enjoy the same rights.”

Gerry Carroll MLA, PBP, will present over 20,700 petition signatures to the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont this coming Tuesday 20th September.

We hope you can join us for a demonstration of support for marriage equality from 10am – meeting at the front gates of Stormont, followed by a march to Stormont and handover of the petition. Petition will be presented at 10:30am.

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE: Original meeting point – steps of Stormont. We would ask all supporters to meet at the front gates to march up the hill to Stormont Castle.