Tomorrow (20.09.16), Gerry Carroll MLA will present to the NI Assembly, 20,000 petition signatures calling for an end to the use of the petition of concern to block marriage equality.

Commenting on the petition, Carroll said, ‘These 20,000 signatures are just a small sample of the groundswell of support for equal marriage in NI. This year’s Pride also saw tens of thousands take to the street calling for equality, and it’s about time the Assembly represented public opinion on this issue and recognised the rights of the LGBT+ community.’

‘For too long our LGBT+ friends, family and comrades have suffered discrimination under the current outdated and backward law, which denies people here the same rights afforded to people in the rest of the UK. It’s about time that is rectified. In fact, it’s long overdue.’

‘I am delighted to present this petition, which will bring the voices of 20,000 people into the heart of the Assembly, where they are often ignored’

‘I hope this petition can restart the very important conversation about how Stormont has let down the LGBT+ community for too long, and I think we need to continue to campaign on the streets. It is through sustained campaigning and pressure on our politicians, that we can win long deserved equality in the North, just as it was won in the South.

‘There will be a gathering at Stormont before I present the petition signatures, and I welcome people to join us at 10am at the gates of Stormont.’

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