Support the thunderclap campaign to get #MarriageEqualityNI trending on Twitter in Northern Ireland and across the world on March 1st.

If you are a supporter of marriage equality in Northern Ireland sign up for the campaign today!

Social reach for the campaign is already fast approaching 1 million people!

We hope the campaign can encourage voters to support equality for all in the March 2nd Assembly election.

Signing up at will allow the Thunderclap platform to send a one off message on twitter at 2:30PM GMT on March 1st and co-ordinate a massive campaign to help get Northern Ireland’s equality message out across NI and beyond through the hash tag: #MarriageEqualityNI.

A Thunderclap campaign shares the same message at the same time, so the friends and followers of everyone involved are more likely to take notice. This means that our message extends to a broader community than it would if we didn’t co-ordinate the campaign in this way.

With your help we can really spread the message about the need for a stronger focus on LGBT rights in Northern Ireland and attract attention to NI’s campaign for equal marriage.

Add your voice today at: 

Thanks for your support!