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    Ministry of Defence defends asking recruits for details of their sexual orientation

    Move introduced in bid to foster greater tolerance and diversity within the military, but recruits will be...

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    Movies: 'Pride' U.S. DVD Cover Removes Gay References, CBS films investigating.

    The top LGBT film of 2014 has ducked into the closet — or at least, its U.S. Blu-ray/DVD packaging has it appears. The U.S. DVD cover has removed all references to homosexuality. The original text described the main characters in the movie as a ‘London-based group of gay and lesbian activists.’ This has...

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    Hillary Clinton is bisexual?

    A former lover of Bill Clinton has claimed that Hillary Clinton is bisexual, and that she has had more affairs with women than her husband. Gennifer Flowers, who went public with claims of her 12-year affair with Bill Clinton in 1992, made the assertion about Hillary’s sexuality during a recent interview with...

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    It's official – children of lesbian parents grow up to be nicer people!

    The kids are alright… In fact they’re more than alright! Yet another study has shown that children with lesbian parents are thriving, and that they grow up to be confident, successful and stable members of society. A recent Williams Institute study found that pre-teen children raised by female same-sex parents have more...

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