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Are gay people still living in the shadows in Ireland? Ireland prepares to vote on gay marriage

Are gay people still living in the shadows in Ireland?

It was a week of striking contrasts for gay and lesbian people in Ireland. Leo Varadkar made history by becoming the first Irish cabinet minister to come out as gay. On the very same day, Pope Francis fired off a salvo of indignation at proponents of same-sex marriage as we prepare for our own referendum […]

Ireland prepares to vote on gay marriage

Ireland is to hold a referendum in the spring to allow gay marriage, in the most significant move in 20 years to change the law to reflect a changing social environment. Voters will be asked in May to approve an amendment to the constitution that reads: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by […]

Colin Farrell interviewed by Claire Byrne on Same Sex marriage

Colin Farrell on Ireland’s equal marriage referendum: “I support this vote with every fibre of my being.”

20 January 2015

Colin Farell has given his first interview discussing Ireland’s forthcoming equal marriage referendum and expressed his full support for the legislation. Farrell recorded the interview with Claire Byrne via satellite link from LA for a new hour-long RTE current affairs TV programme. The programme featured a range of guests and audience members from all sides […]

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Leelahs Law Change.org petition

WATCH: YouTube video attacks the practice of ‘conversion therapy’

19 January 2015

A new YouTube video attacks the practice of ‘conversion therapy’ aimed at gay and trans youths. It has attracted almost 200,000 views in less than a week and has went viral across the world. The video comes after the death of Leelah Alcorn, who committed suicide last month, after citing her parent’s refusal to accept […]

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Ban on Gay and Bisexual men donating blood in Northern Ireland defended

Northern Ireland Assembly has already spent almost £40,000 defending gay blood ban

19 January 2015

In 2011 England, Wales and Scotland changed the rules on blood donation to allow men to give blood if they have no had sex with another man for a year. Northern Ireland is still lagging behind in reversing their permanent ban which has been in place since the 1980s AIDS threat. A gay christian man […]

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'I am a gay man,' says Irish Health minister

‘I am a gay man,’ says Irish Health minister

19 January 2015

The Republic of Ireland’s health minister Leo Varadkar has publicly come out as gay. Leo Varadkar, who turned 36 today, spoke about his sexuality on a radio interview. “I am a gay man, it’s not a secret, but not something that everyone would necessarily know but isn’t something I’ve spoken publicly about before,” he told […]

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Bakery in Denver refuses to bake Anti-Gay cake

Cakes have never been so controversial: Pro Gay Bakery in the US accused of discrimination for refusing ‘God hates gays’ cake.

16 January 2015

Marjorie Silva, owner Denver’s Azucar Bakery has told OUTFRONT that she was approached by an anti-gay activist at her bakery in March last year. The man had initially requested a cake with a bible decorated on the front but after chosing his design he presented Marjorie with a sheet of paper which listed the text […]

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NHS tells NHS to stop directing patients to

NHS staff FINALLY told to stop helping patients get gay conversion therapy

16 January 2015

This is something we would expect to have happened a very, very long time ago considering such spectacular advances in gay rights in most of the United Kingdom but it appears that some NHS staff have still been pointing gay people in the direction of organisations offering gay conversion therapies. NHS staff in England have […]

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Manchester plans to open LGBT friendly school

UK’s first LGBT school in Manchester: A positive step forward or a step toward segregation and intolerance?

15 January 2015

LGBT Youth North West has unveiled plans for the UK’s first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender school in the heart of Manchester. The school will host a total of 40 full time pupils who identify as L, G, B, T and those questioning their sexuality. There will also be a limited number of part time […]

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Emotional yotube video shows Aaron and Austin Rhodes coming out to their father

YouTube twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes come out to their dad in an emotional youtube video

15 January 2015

We all know how traumatic the thoughts of coming out to family can be and the strength it requires to build up the courage to do so. The thoughts can weigh heavily on the mind of a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person and the relief of revealing this hidden side of your identity can […]

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